AMS covers every step of the AUTOMATION solution beginning with the conceptual design phase up to the after-sale service. Our unique modular design system is one of our most important success factors. Developed over several years, it is integral to our flexible approach in addressing customers’ needs and lies at the heart of our business model.

We rapidly develop solutions in-house or collaborate with industry leaders to solve our customers’ toughest technology challenges. We will provide you with an automation strategy that allows you to systematically apply the right tools to optimize the benefits of these technologies and boost your bottom line.

TurnKey application

As a major component of our business, a turnkey package provides the complete business solution from concept to implementation and commissioning. Our turnkey systems portfolio of automated assembly lines and automation products covers a wide range of applications from spot/mig welding lines and automated assembly machinery for automotive industry to high speed palettizing in packaging industry all away to automated RV rooms in hospitals.


Control & robotics services

AMS is a full service supplier of industrial automation. Therefore we also providing solutions for improvements in cycle time and robot optimization in order to meet the demands placed on production systems. Our virtual software enhances the capabilities of detecting and removing the bottlenecks in assembly lines and significantly increase the throughput.

Retrofits & upgrades

In the world of continuous challenges and cost reduction, from minor modifications to major overhauls, the retrofits and upgrades become an essential component of automation every day. Any automation system will significantly change during its lifecycle. Good planning along with design, manufacturing and implementation can ensure a successful upgrade.

automation retrofits and upgrades