Collaborative Robots



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Best-in-Class Innovation

We focus on Quality & Dependable products designed to enhance productivity. Cobots has proven to improve ROI by cutting down process times from days to hours as well as work autonomously overnight.

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UR - Universal Robots Certified Integrator

Select Member of Universal Robots
Certified System Integrators in Canada

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Safety & Ergonomics

Cobots offer inherent safety and ergonomic features by helping reduce strain and repetitive injuries in the workplace.


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Easy Programming & Remote Support

At AMS we provide quick and easy programming support on all our units. Our dependable service & tech support is always ready to help diagnose and create suitable solutions for your facility.


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Flexible Automation

Our automation is uniquely designed to optimize space on an assembly line while retaining maximum production. Our redeployable units are versatile to any layout of your production floor and have easy UI & controls to be used by untrained operators.

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Fast Set-Up

We provide a quick and easy set-up process with in-depth instructions to integrate your automation on your production floor. Long past is the days of spending hours flipping through papers on "how to installs" and beginning with intuitive operations that are easily deployable within weeks not months.


Cobot Automation Made

Our Automation Solutions are effective in helping with the yield on your production floor. We offer a plethora of products for a variety of applications from Surface Finishing, Bin Picking, CNC, Packaging & Assembly, to Vision Systems as well as Plant Automations (AGV).

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